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Below are my previous experience as an instructor, teaching assistant, and other experience.


Teaching Experience


- Pohang University of Science and Technology

Course Developer, Guest Lecturer and Department Service

Instructor: Social Science and Data Analysis (PSDS:501): Fall 2022 

Taught four-session lectures related to social science and data analysis.

Instructor: Introduction to R and Statistical Analaysis: Summer 2022

Taught week-long basic mathematics, ​statistics, and R course for students.

Guest Lecturer: Nuclear Power and Social Issues-Lectuers for Int. Students (NUCE:503): Spring 2022

Taught six-session lectures related to nuclear power and social issues in South Korea for international students.

Instructor: Introduction of Advanced Nuclear Convergence of Future Society (NUCE: 719C): Spring 2022

Taught one-session lecture related to nuclear power, social conflicts, and the convergence of social science and nuclear technology.

- University of Iowa


Politics of Epidemics: International Conflict and Cooperation (POLI:3550): Fall 2020

Introduction to American Foreign Policy (POLI:1501): Fall 2019


Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Politics of Class & Inequality (POLI:1800): Spring 2021

American Public Policy (POLI:3111): Spring 2019

Introduction to American Foreign Policy (POLI:1501): Fall 2018, Spring 2020

Introduction to Comparative Politics (POLI:1400): Spring 2018

International Conflict (POLI:3512): Fall 2017


Course Developer, Guest Lecturer and Department Service

Course Developer and Guest Lecturer: Introduction to Comparative Politics: Summer 2021

Developed the Introduction to Comparative Politics class. Provided seven-session lectures related to Regime Types, Electoral Institutions and Political Parties, Party Systems, Measures of Regime Types and Regime Changes, Globalization, Gender and Politics, and Comparative Approaches.


Instructor: Math Camp: Summer 2020, Summer 2021

Taught week-long basic mathematics and statistics course for incoming graduate students.

Instructor: Review from OLS to MLE: Summer 2020

Taught four-session reviews of OLS to MLE for 2nd year graduate students.

Guest Lecturer: Intro Methods: Fall 2019

Taught three-session lectures related to visualization through STATA and R, Monte Carlo Simulation, basic STATA commands for OLS and Logistic Regression for 1st year graduate students.

Department Service Collaboratory Manager: Fall 2019–Spring 2020

Gave undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members advice and help with methodology, statistics, STATA, and R.

You can see students' evaluation on my courses by clicking this link!

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